Make Up Remover

I was debating if I should invest in an expensive make up remover like MAC cosmetics, because I heard numerous raves and positive reviews of how easy your make up can be removed with this product.

After several thoughts about it, it wasn't within my budget range and I would probably like to spend it on something else more useful. So I went to the drugstore again and got this Neutrogena Eye Remover that does the trick of removing my eye shadows and mascara easily off within two wipes on each eyes. It's not too harsh on the eyes and it doesn't smell bad at all. Along with the eye makeup remover, I also picked up Neutrogena Makeup Remover Night Calming Wipes 25ct at Target and it helps me remove all my make up within one wipe. It was so easy and fast and I felt fresh after using these products and I highly recommend that you should try it as well.

What kind of make up remover do you like to use, and is it within your budget range?


  1. i've tried expensive makeup remover (estee lauder, guerlain) and cheap ones. they just do one thing. take out your makeup and clean your face. they do the same function. i don't see why spend more.

  2. I totally agree with you that makeup remover does one thing and it's to remove makeup. I'm really never sucked into buying something expensive when cheap ones can do the job as well.


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