Nyx Cosmetics Haul

I was so excited when I received my Nyx Cosmetics items in front of my door steps. Once I opened my box, I was so surprised to see how much care they packaged my items. All of the items that I purchased was wrapped into this big bubble wrap and no items were dented nor damaged at all. I carefully used my scissor to cut the tapes around the bubble warp and was excitedly to see my items was still wrapped in a plastic bag.

I'm happy to report that I'm so glad that I ordered from this company. At first my heart said no, but then I decided what is there to lose for a buck, even though the shipping was high. At the least most of these items was at $1.75 each with shipping and I brought 15 items. The total worth of all of the items that I got was under $30 dollars.

I even like the stuff that I picked out for a $1, so there's really nothing to lose.

So here goes my haul list of what I purchased:
  • 1 Lipstick in Athena color
  • 1 Brow Eye-shades - Taupe / Ash
  • 2 False Eye-lashes - Elite & Lash Implant
  • 4 Eye-Shadows - Mink Brown, Algae, White Pearl and Blue Pearl
  • 3 Trio Sets: Blue/Ocean Frost/Space, Princess Pink/Flamenco/Violet and Baby Pink/White Pearl/Baby Blue - I think the trio set is all sold out now
  • 1 Foundation in color Ivory
  • 2 Eyeliner - Extreme Black & Brown
  • 1 Blush Brush
I'm hoping that they will have this $1 sale again and in a heart beat I will go gaga over it again. Anyway hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

P.S - The sales is not over until 1/25/2010
be sure to check it out at http://www.nyxcosmetics.com


  1. the beauty supply store in flushing has some of these eye shadows for $1 so i might go back there on sunday and will keep you post it. that place has tons of nyx stuff that i was surprised.

    i might try a different eye shadow color and see how that goes, wish me luck. lol

  2. /drool! i'm jealous!
    can't wait to read your reviews on these products.

  3. Womansworth - Good Luck and let me see what you'll pick up.

    Coco - I will try to do a review on these products. The girl is keeping me busy these days.


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