Organizing & Bubble Wrap

Since I was still sick, I decided to organize some of my make up stuff into a bin. I'm hoping that we will get a bigger place in the future. Once I get a bigger place I'm going to get myself a nice Make Up Vanity table with draws, so this way it makes sorting a lot easier instead of buying bins.

Anyway getting back to the post, I sorted some of my make up stuff into my bin and I find that bubble wraps are very useful. This what I did, I cut a square piece of bubble wrap and placed flat inside my plastic bin container (having the bumpy part facing up), this helps it in case of any leakage it'll be easier for me to clean it up.

Then I sorted my make up into one bin, which I put in are my old and minimum usage eye shadows, lipsticks and other miscellaneous stuff. And another bin I put in are my set of brushes and empty boxes. I also have another container bin, and that's my daily use stuff that I can get to easily to. I hope I helped you out by providing some usage tips of how bubble wraps are effective and useful in some ways.

What are your tips and tricks when organizing your make ups?


  1. i like organizing drawers you get at stationary stores, which are used for organizing papers or brushes etc. the drawers are shallow and my stuffs can be nicely layout. i don't have to scoop and digg to the bottom to look for what i want.

    personally i don't like makeup vanity table. i prefer to put my stuffs in the bathroom and put makeup there - my bathroom is usually dry and gets good light.

  2. I guess it depends on everyone's preference of what they prefers to organize their make up stuff in. The bin that I got is my most minimum usage - because I hate to scoop or digg to the bottom. I have another bin that it is easier to reach to for my make up items.


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