The Peacock Look

In this tutorial I'm trying to create the peacock color look, but some how I feel like I failed miserably. I forgot a lot of steps like prepping my eyes with a primer, so I felt that the eye shadows didn't sunk in at all. I used the nyx cosmetics eye shadows - the Algae and the Blue Pearl together and thought that it'll be a great combo. I also tried the nyx cosmetics foundation as well, I really like the feel of the foundation, but feels that it's too light and feel that it's not a lot of coverage. I still see some red spots and blemishes on my face. I also forgot to put on powder, but over all I like this settle and nude color look and a bronzer will be a nice final touch. I need to find a nice bronzer, but do not want to invest on an expensive one. I will redo this look again when I have time.
Which bronzer do you recommend? Please comment!


  1. i use the mac refined golden bronzer, very pigmented so i apply lightly and a little bit will go a long way.

  2. i don't see blemishes. your skin seem flawless from the photo!

    did you try to dot the blemishes with concealer to see if that covers?

    you seem to like foundation with more coverage. you should give mineral powder foundation a try - it can be sheer and can provide coverage, depends how much you use.

    how's the staying power of nyx eyeshadows?

    can't really give recommendation about bronzers since i don't really like using them. i'm typical asian who likes being paler and i don't like sunkissed look. i have bronzer from clarins, the body shop, bobbi brown and christian dior (why do i have so many?!) they seem the same to me.

  3. Womansworth - Thanks for the MAC suggestion, but not looking for too much pigmentation on a bronzer. I want something more lighter but yet gives me that extra glow.

    Coco - I totally understand about Asian with pale skin, but a little glow could always add a touch to it to make us more alive. I'll update you with my shopping for a bronzer.

  4. Oh the nyx shadows is pretty good it stays on pretty well.


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