There are times I like to go bare naked

The title of the post is not what you think, I do not mean shrugging around with my birthday suit on. There are times that I like to go bare, without any make ups. You can look nice even without make up, just a good routine facial wash and a good moisturizer can do the trick. In this photo that my husband took of me at Washington D.C during the Cherry Blossom Festival, I decided not to put on any make up on at all. I normally like to relax and enjoy my trip and not having to worry about reapplying my make up. Even with our own bare naked face we should embrace it and love it every bit of the way.

Anyway here are some of my routines that I like during each seasons. During the summer time I don't like to use foundation, because I know my face can get oily and my face can get cakey. During the spring and summer season comes, I like to just clean and moisturize my face, apply lipstick and little dap of blush or a bronzer is good to go. As for the fall & winter time I like to put on foundation more, because my face gets dry and I feel that foundation is like a wind shield protector for me and it helps me hydrates my skin.

What kind of a good make up routine do you like during different seasons?

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