What do yo do with unwanted make ups?

I'm always afraid to shop for make up that doesn't work for me. Why invest so much when you realized that certain eye shadows, lip stick or blush doesn't work for you? I always want to make sure that certain make ups works for me before I make the purchase. It's harder to buy make ups online, because you don't get to see the actual products or swatches up front.

My first time online make up purchase was the Sigma Make Up Beauty On the Go kit, because the colors looks promising and there are some youtuber reviewed this kit by showing the actual products after several videos I clicked on. Secondly, it wasn't funky colors, it was a settle and natural palettes that I can use for any occasions. I'm pretty glad that I invested in it, because I'm always hesitant when picking eye shadow palettes colors. I always have hard time in choosing eye shadows, even-though the color looks nice, I'm always afraid that it doesn't work for me. What do I do with unwanted make ups you may ask? Some would be sitting in my make up box for ages and when I do a spring cleaning I toss it away. Now I realized it is wasteful and that I feel like I'm throwing my money away.

I don't even intend to do swapping with others because I hate the idea of using make ups that someone who have used. Make ups equals to germs and it can cause break out on yours and my face. Would love to hear your insight on this, if anyone have good advice please comment.

What do you do with unwanted make ups? Do you swap, sell or just toss it away?


  1. for the ones i'm sure i won't like and won't work, i toss them away. some just sits in the drawers until i think they're really too old to use. (yes, i have a lot of outdated makeups i still keep because they've not caused me any problems.) others i'll just find other ways to use them. the colors can be mixed to create new colors and sometimes it works.

    therectically makeups can be sanitized with alcohols, hence you shouldn't worry about germs etc if you're swapping. however i've never tried it. i just don't like the idea of using other's makeup.

  2. I'll guess I try to mix the colors and create a new colors instead of wasting it. I'll probably try to avoid certain colors that doesn't work for me, but I like your idea that makeups can be sanitized with alcohols. I'll try that for the stuff that I don't use and probably list them on a forum for those who wants it instead of throwing away. Thanks for your advice.


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