When Does Your Comestic Expire

It's always good to clean up some of your old make-ups, after all you don't know what is infected in it and some of the make up that you use can cause break outs or infections. Say goodbye to the old make ups and replace them with new ones.

A very good and informative article that I came across:


Tips are from the article:

The following tips lessen the contamination of makeup and extend its use:

  1. Use common sense.
  2. Basic hygiene is key: Before applying makeup, wash your face and hands with soap.
  3. Instead of directly touching your makeup by placing your fingers in the product, pour a little into your palm or scoop a little out with a disposable spoon or applicator.
  4. Don't share your makeup with others.
  5. Keep makeup containers tightly closed when not in use.
  6. Throw makeup away if the color changes or an odor develops (makeup has preservatives, similar to that in food, which can break down over time).
  7. Don't use water or, even worse, saliva, which could introduce bacteria that could easily grow out of control. If makeup has lost its original texture or consistency, the preservatives have probably broken down.
  • Liquid Foundation, 3-6 months (Cream foundation can last 4-6 months)
  • Foundation in a bottle should last 3-6 months, but wide mouthed jars can expose the product to more air and should be tossed sooner. You'll know it's time to purchase a new bottle, when the ingredients begin to settle or separate, the texture thickens or thins, or the smell changes.
  • Concealer, 6-8 months
  • Powders, 1 year
  • Pressed powder, eye-shadows, blush
  • Mascara, 3 months
  • You should never keep mascara for any longer than 3 months (air pushes bacteria back into the tube). Never "pump" your mascara.
  • Lip gloss & Lipstick, 1 year
  • Eye/Lip Pencils, 1 year
  • Eye and lip pencils should last 1 year or more, but you should sharpen pencils at least once a week to prevent bacteria from being transferred to your eye area. You'll know the product has gone bad if it dries or crumbles.
  • Facial Cleansers & Moisturizers, 6 months
  • Facial Toners, 1 year
  • Natural Cosmetics, 6 months ("all-natural body washes", etc.)
  • Among other cosmetics that are likely to have an unusually short shelf life are "all natural" products that contain plant-derived ingredients (which are conducive to bacterial growth), or products with no preservatives.
Brushes And Tools
  • Oils and bacteria get trapped in the bristles of the brushes. Wash natural-bristled brushes once a month, and synthetic brushes three to four times a month. Lay the brushes flat to dry so that the bristles don't break, and to maintain the shape of the brushes. There are brush cleansers out there, but you can also use mild soap. You may also use baby shampoo to wash your brushes.
  • Cosmetic makeup sponges are disposable tools. Wash after every use. Toss within 1 month, or when the sponge begins to tear.


  1. mascara for 3 months?! i like this one. i can extend the life of my opened mascara for 2 more months!

  2. Yup mascara for only 3 months but everyone has their own personal preferences of how long they want their make up to stay with them.

    Because mascara is a liquid gel and applying near your eyes can be sensitive and a lot of bacteria grows in liquid forms. So it's always a good reason to toss those old make ups and shop for new ones. =)

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    have a great day :)

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