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Right now my hair is mid-length touching my chin, because I've been chopping it short. I like the idea that my hair is short and when it is short I do not have to put a lot of care to it. When it comes to hair, I have very low maintenance to it. Normally I just wash, condition and just blow my hair dry and that's pretty much it. But for now I kinda of regret of chopping my long hair. I wanted my long hair back so I can do more with it. I always promise myself that I would go to the salon and permanently straighten it. Now I changed my mind and deciding to permanently curl my hair when my hair gets long again. I change my mind because 31 years of my life, my hair is always straight; it's flat and it's boring. I want to see volume in my hair, I want to get those permanent curls like the Japanese type loose curls style. Here is an example of what I'm looking for:

Unfortunately my hair does not grow that long, at least the most my hair pass 2 inches to my shoulders. I'm trying not to cut my hair this time but it's very tempting whenever I go to the salon. If I'm not going to go to the salon to permanently curl my hair, I was planning to invest in a curling iron. At least I have an option on days that I want my hair straight or curly. I already got a T3 flat iron as a gift from 2 years ago when I went to a bridal event with my girlfriend. I really enjoy using this flat iron, it really helps and straighten my hair and it does not dry out my hair fast. This is a high quality flat iron and I never knew about this until my friend said this is the most awesome flat iron there is. The retail value of it is normally $100 - $200 dollars and is the equivalent of going to salon in getting my hair done. I'm wondering should I just go and get a cheaper curling iron and just do it myself.

Would you prefer to invest on hair gadgets or just go to a hair salon to do it?


  1. i posted a comment but don't see it here. did it go through?

  2. So weird I don't see it, it probably didn't go through it. Probably because my domain was still in transition. Could you re-kindly re-post again.

  3. can't really remember what i posted lol!

    when i had long hair, i wanted short hair. now i have short hair, i want to grow them long. we're never satisfied with our hair! lol!

    i was thinking about perming soft curls when i had long hair. i have thick hair it takes forever to curl it myself. never got to perm it because it's $$$ and i'm told the curl only lasts a month or so.


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