The Ballerina Look

For this tutorial, I wasn't planning to re-create anything big, I like the subtle and simple look. So today I decided to do a ballerina look. When I was younger I always wanted to be a ballerina, but I never got the opportunity to learn to dance. So I decided to pick out some shades that are light and not over powering for my eyes. For my eyes, I used pink and purple eyeshadow shades, because those colors reminds me of tutu and it's a girly color.

After finishing my eyes I drew my lid using a brown eyeliner to get a softer touch. Using a black can be overpowering so I used a brown eyeliner instead, and finish with a nude lipstick, bronzer and a soft pink blush.

Products I used:
  • Eyeshadows & Blush - Too Face Glamour on the Go Palette
  • Clinque Sunkissed Bronzer
  • Lip - Neutrogena- color called Just Whisper



  1. very nice, i see that you put pink under your lower lash line. really pink & purple. no eyeliner?

    i love that lip color!!

  2. this soft pink/purple combination looks good!

    you look good in nude lipstick too! i'm jealous!! too bad neutrogena doesn't sell lipsticks in australia or i'll definitely give it a try.

  3. Womansworth - I did put on eyeliner, it's brown color, it probably didn't pick up.

    Coco thanks the pink and purple combo looks great and I'm start to like softer colors now. Oh what a shame that Australia doesn't have Nutrogena lipstick - I thought that these drugstore brand are pretty much available all nation wide.

  4. we only have limited brands that costs 2x as much. a few brands try to start up but pulled out due to bad sales - with that sort price tags of course no one buys!


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