Over the weekend I went to Sephora and got a bronzer. I was being very indecisive, which one to choose from. The Clinique and the Smashbox are pretty comparable, because of the soft pigmentation and the matted finish. I ended getting Sunkissed Clinique bronzer, because it was cheaper than Smashbox and it has holds a little more pigmentation than Smashbox. The Clinique bronzer also contained more, it was .3 oz more than Smashbox. Over all I really like the Clinique packaging and the brush that comes with it. The total that I spent came out to be $26 something with taxes. The Smashbox is $28 but with taxes, I think it'll come out to $30 dollars. I didn't want to spend that extra $4 dollars.

Lately I haven't done any Look Of The Day, because I've been getting really bad break out. I got this huge pimple growing on top of my nose and it hurts like crazy. After reading RenRen's blog, she posted about sanitizing spray, it caught my attention that I should start sanitizing some of my old make ups. Some of my old make ups are probably giving me bad break outs. I rarely have bad break outs, but ever since I started to use some of my old make ups, it's been giving me bad break outs, probably because of either oil or bacteria in it. Anyway RenRen is holding a contest for U.S. and international readers to win this spray. RenRen did a very good review about this sanitizing spray by explaining how it works and Good Luck in winning this from her site. Also be sure to check out their sanitizing spray website at


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