A little message

I could say that I’m one of those types that have a strong persona character. I really don’t paid or mind of how other perceive me of how I look or worry about what other thinks of me. Just to say I don’t rely on people’s opinion, i.e like asking my friends, what do you think of my lipstick or my make up or other things. Even if that shade of lipstick or the make up that doesn't look good on me I still wear it proudly.

Every individuals are different and everyone are unique in their own way. I don’t care if I can’t satisfied them, because there is no 100% satisfactions standards; otherwise it’ll be a competition of comparing yourself to others and when you live like that you aren’t happy for who you are. Live according to your own comfort and that is my personal motto.



  1. /cheer cant agree with you more! im glad you have a good outlook.

  2. like your profile pic, I like the make up you use. Maybe a tutorial?

  3. sometimes i care, sometimes i don't. it really depends. i am weak... haha!

  4. coco - be strong, I personally think if you can't ignore what someone says to you it'll ruin your day.


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