My lipstick collection

There are some old and new lipstick I have. And over the years I have accumulated some old lipsticks from friends. They gave it to me and I just never used them, probably at the time it wasn't popular. Now looking back at it the older stuff has become popular and that I enjoy using it because the colors are now wearable. I remember I used to like my Shiseido plummy color lipstick and used half of it and now after putting it on I hate it. The color do not match what I'm wearing. The only thing I really like is that it moisturize my lip. So whenever my lip is chap, I could use it to moisturize my lip. Over the weekend I was so tempted to get the MAC - Cyndi Lauper Viva Glam limited collection, but wasn't sure if this color works well with me. The color seems bold and I'm not so sure how to match this with my make up. Heh, I walked out without buying a thing. That's a good start to stop my make up addiction by walking out without buying anything. I'm cutting down on my make up shopping spree.

So far my favorite ones I'm using are:
  • Nutrogena Nude one called Just Whisper
  • Clinique in bright-ish red tone
  • Too Faced called Free Love - it's pink but not over powering pink
PS: Due to prior picture that I taken it was pretty dark, so lipsticks looks like it is the same shades, but actually I have different sades of lipsticks. Some plum ones, pink ones and a red, so I updated a newer version of the pic.


  1. the colors almost look the same. you like these type of colors like plum? very nice.

  2. I retook the pic, the old pic seems like the shades are the same, but they are not. I have some shades that are plummy to nude colors, pinks and red one.


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