Sigma Make Up Brushes Review

I know I would say that I'll review my Sigmamakeup brushes and here it is. At first I was having a hard time if I should invest on a 12 set brush kit. Finally, my heart gave in to purchase the complete brushes, because I was tired in buying brushes individually. I invested in this set because my other brushes were getting old and I want a fresh and a new start.

I can't compare to any MAC brushes, because I never own any MAC brushes before, but a lot of people said some of the MAC brushes are pretty comparable with Sigma Brushes because of their SS number system. If you were to start and purchase the whole MAC collection brushes alone it would cost $330 dollars. Who would start building a MAC collection brushes when the economy is in recession right now?

The Sigma Brushes cost are inexpensive and a lot more reasonable than the MAC brushes. The Sigma set brushes are a lot cheaper than purchasing MAC brushes individually. I kinda of calculated that each Sigma brushes would be $7.30 per brush verses one $50 dollar MAC brush. This is base on my cost when I purchased this directly through the internet a few months ago. Personally I believe this method is a lot cheaper than purchasing from the drugstores or a cosmetic stores.

I cleaned my brushes a few times with the Sephora brush cleaning spray and also used baby shampoo. And each time I cleaned my brushes there are very minimum shedding. Whenever I finish cleaning them; the brushes restores its own colors and shapes.


Each brush has their own softness, there are no harsh and roughness that irritated my skin whenever I'm using these brushes. The brushes are finely made with natural and synthetic bristles.

Recently Sigma Makeup won the 2009 Reader's Choice Award, under the categories of 'Best New Product of 2009' and 'Most Surprisingly Amazing Product of 2009 - full article

I personally believe if the product like Sigma Brushes does it's purpose it will live hypes for its name. I did a lot of research on this company. I went and read each reviews on different forums and watching youtube videos before I went ahead to purchase this brush set. All I can say that each of these brushes has worked well and it has done its purpose. These brushes are very effective whenever I'm creating a certain look whenever I'm heading out. These brushes gives me a wonderful perfect look & a glow. Overall, I'm very satisfy using my Sigma Brushes and I'm giving it 5 peonies in my rating bar.

Be sure to check them out at In the upcoming days they will release 15 new brushes called the advance set kit on February 15th. I can't wait to see their new advance brushes.

FTC - I was not paid to advertise this product, and that the product was brought with my own money.

Next review will be the Sigma Make Up the Full beauty on the go kit.



  1. i'm so interested to buy a set too! but the problem is i have a bit of something in the set and can't makeup my mind what i want.

  2. You don't have to buy the whole set, in their website they have a face set, and a eye set. or just start fresh - chuck out unwanted old brushes. I think these Sigma brushes could last for a good couple of years.

  3. i know... but sets seems to be a better value.

  4. I say go for it and wait until they release their new advance brush kit. I saw one new eye brush looks pretty good it's the ss212 similar to the mac 212 that gives you that shimmer under the eye look I belive.

  5. Sounds like a great set to invest in, thanks for reviewing, was really helpful x


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