How do you get rid of your blackheads?

Few years ago I would buy Biore blackhead remover to remove my blackheads. Till this day I still really like their products, but I haven't used in awhile until I was introduced to Ricky Care Stainless Steel Loop Blackhead Remover. The only thing I didn't like about the strips was that after removing the strip; my nose instantly gets dry. A lot of my blackheads still remains in my nose and there were some blackheads wasn't able to grasp onto the strip. So I recently brought a black head remover and what I really like about this, is that you can manually remove a lot of your blackheads out on your own. I have a better control and can grab a lot of my unwanted blackheads. Here's a close of picture of my oily blackheads of how much I removed from my nose. I know it's disgusting but this stainless steel blackhead remover, removed a lot of my blackheads and have minimized my pores.

Back in the old days when I was a teenager, I used to removed my blackheads manually with my fingers and realized that it aggravated and hurt my skin. I would tend to get breakouts of zits. I used to have really bad break of zits, but that's another story. The only thing that I notice, when I removed with my fingers it made my pores 2 times bigger. The stainless steel blackhead remover does not cost that much, it was only $4.99 when I got it at Ricky's NYC store. Also you can re-use the stainless steel over again, but just make sure that every time you use it be sure to clean the stainless steel with an alcohol wipe after each usage.

So how do you get rid of your blackheads?



  1. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is great for deep cleansing skin that is prone to pimples and enlarged pores to leave skin feeling refreshed and smooth. For anyone wanting to give it a try, follow the link below to get a $1.00 off in store. Pass it on to friends and readers. Enjoy.

  2. aspirin mask removes black heads. maybe not 100%.


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