Mask shopping

Recently, I went to a local Chinese Drugstore near my home. My intention was to look for tissue packets, so I can put some in my new purse. Until I saw some mask that was stored on the self, I grabbed one box just to try it out. I really enjoying using these mask especially during summer time. It feels really comfortable and very relaxing on a typical hot summer, while the fan is blowing at you. I really don't care what it contains, but I like it that it's very hydrating. I like the coldness that once it is applied on my face . As for fitting wise, it doesn't really fit me that well. I believe that it's a universal size, like one size should fit all. The mask that I brought is called, My Beauty Diary - Provence Lavender and you can get it online at I got mine for $18, but I believe the price varies from different places and also online prices.


  1. i really like how soothing and hydrating my skin feels. just need to constantly keep pressing the mask back in place.

  2. Yeah I really like that it's very soothing and hydrating. I always have the same problem that I have to constantly keep pressing the mask back in place as well. I have a pretty small face, toward near the of the mask keeps sliding off on me.


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