Too Faced Luxury of Lip - Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

I got some new items, I got a new lipstick and a cream blush from Sephora. The new lipstick I got is Too Faced Luxury of Lip in color Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. I love that name, it reminded me of a show called Brady Bunch. In one of the scene her sister Jane called her name, because the older sister have been getting a lot of attentions from school.

The color of the lipstick itself is pretty vibrant fuchsia pink. At first I really liked and tried in the store before I purchased, but after trying at home I feel like it doesn't blend well nor it matched with any of the look I was going for. Hopefully this lipstick will change my mind from returning it, I really like this lipstick a lot. Another item I got is the Stila Dual lip and Cheek Cream Blush in color called Peony. I really like the name and the color itself. Anything plummy is my favorite color, I personally don't want to get anything too colorful, because I was reminded that I'm not a teenager anymore. Here are some of the pictures that was taken from my new cell phone, and certainly not tech savvy using my new phone yet.

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  1. can you do some swatch to show the color of those items?

  2. Sure I'll do some of the swatches on them.

  3. the lipcolor looks nice! it should look good with any looks.

  4. ty for sharing the swatch, its nice and pinkish. which i like. lol. ^^ hope you enjoy your lipstick and show me some photos too. ^^


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