What are Sun Spots?

A week ago I saw these bad dark spots blemishes near my cheekbones.  I was wondering what it is and at first I though it was freckles.  Then I did an intensive search online and realized that I have sun spots on my face.

What is sun spots? - source from http://www.drugstore.com/

Sun spots caused by excessive exposure to the sun are called solar lentigines. They’re also called "age spots" or "liver spots." They appear as dark, flat, discolored patches on the skin. To prevent this type of sun spot, avoid excessive sun exposure and use a sunscreen of SFP 15 or higher. Treatment of solar lentigines often includes skin bleaching agents, which are available over the counter and by prescription. Full fading can take from three weeks to six months. Freezing or laser treatments may be used to get rid of sun spots in some cases.
So, today I decided and picked up Garnier Anti-Sun Damage daily moisture lotion at my local drugstore.  I see these awful discoloration on my face, which makes me appear older than I am.  The sun spots are damaged that I have are due to intense outing during the summer time without proper sunscreen protection.   I am more aware to protect my face during the summer time with high intense sun rays, I don't want my face to get any worse than it is.  These sun spot blemishes does not look good at all and I wish I had taken proper care of myself when I was younger.  So, in 4 weeks I will review the moisture lotion to see results, it stated in the box that in 4 weeks I should see results. 

This is what the box stated in 4 weeks: 
  • fine lines are smoothed; sun spots are reduced and skin is more even
  • Instantly skin looks visibly healthier and brighter
Here's a picture of my bare naked face and you can see how badly that my face is discolored due to sun spot damage.  I hope that I can see some results after I used the Anti-sun Damage moisturizer in 4 weeks.

If you have any anti-blemishing cream that helps my sunspots, please feel free to comment below.  Will love to hear your thoughts and opinions on certain products as well. 


  1. i have some faint spots above my cheeks, i don't know if they are freckles or sunspots. i can't tell... i'm interested to know if it works.

    from what i heard it can be fixed with chinese medicine to 'clean your organ', but i hate the taste of chinese medicines. a more guarantee way is to laser it out and this one i've seen it works on people i know.

  2. i have a sun spot on my cheek, i think you seen it b4. its too big to be a freckle, lol. yea let me know how that work.

  3. Sure I will let you guys know the results.

    Prettymom - totally agree with you that Chinese medicine taste so nasty that I gag whenever I take it. At first I wanted to try to do laser but not sure if my insurance will cover it.

  4. I started using Clinique's Even Better Skin Tone Corrector. It is supposed to lighten dark spots on the face. I am hoping it will work. I will let you know. There seems to be a lot of whitening products available.


  5. Peggy - Hey thanks for your suggestion on Clinique, I absolutely like Clinique stuff. I'll look into it and their stuff aren't that pricey. Looking forward to read your review on it.


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