I'm Back

I'm finally back from the Land of Make Believes - Disney World Magic Kingdom. I was surprisingly overwhelmed that during Easter Weekend or Spring Break can be over packed with so many people. One of the cons was, that over crowded people at the Magical Kingdom wasn't enjoyable as much when I visited last two times during the non peak season while kids were still in school session.  During the non peak season there were less crowds and fewer lines and we didn't have to stand on line for more than an hour or so. The cons was only extreme hot weather, which felt like being barbecue in a hot oven.  While I was at the Magic Kingdom, standing on each line can extend to be about an hour or so, luckily my husband was smart enough to grab us fast pass at each of the rides that we wanted to go.  We only visited Magic Kingdom for only one day using our free Disney Volunteered pass.

My daughter for the first time dressed as Snow White and was excitedly to see the princesses.   When it was our turn to see the princesses, she went to each princess and asked where's their princes were.  It was so funny to see her interacting with each princesses and asking them the most awkward questions.

Here's how the convo went:
E: Hi, Cinderella!  Where is your Prince, Fairy God-Mother, Step-Mother?
Cinderella:My Prince is in the Castle and no respond about the Fairy God-Mother nor Step-Mother.
E: Hi Belle! Where is your Beast?
Belle: He's in the Castle - speechless and don't know what to say to her at this point.
E: Hi Aurora! Where's your Prince and Owl?
Aurora: Prince is in the Castle and was confused about the Owl. Then she remember and asked have you visit my forest friends?

Overall I had a wonderful time with my family and hope to see Mickey again soon with fewer crowds next time.  Will post more Beauty stuff in the upcoming days, I recently ordered something from sasa.com and hoping to receive the package soon. 



  1. we used to avoid peak seasons and avoid the crowds before the boy started school.

    what are all the princes doing in the castle? poker? lol!

    your girl really look like snow white! same hair. and her skin looks pale and pretty!

  2. coco yup during the peak seasons are always the best to avoid crowds. Unfortunately my daughter will go in to public school and it'll be harder to dodge the non peak seasons to the Land of Make Believes.

    She makes a good Snow White Character when she is well behave and acts like a lady. However, majority of the time she doesn't act like a lady like. She's a little bit rough sometimes like a tomboy. I wish she was more girly girl like pretty girl though.


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