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Finally my order from came today and another good news is that, I finally charged my camera. I had to replace my lost charger to get a new one.   Will do a review of the product soon and post some picture.  

To give you some insight of what my thoughts and experience were with  I'm happy to report that my item arrived in good and safe condition. It was nicely packaged and packed with bubble wrap so that my item didn't get dented at all.  The only downsize is that the delivery took too long to arrive.  It is understandable of the amount of time for it to arrive, because it was ship through oversea from Hong Kong.

Here is my order status report of how long it took for them to deliver:
  • March 26 - I placed the order - received my order confirmation
  • March 31st - Another e-mail arrived saying that it is dispatched and will ship the item within 14 - 21 business day.  
  • From then on, no e-mail but I got a tracking number and consistently check to see when it was dispatched.
  • On April 9th it stated that is was dispatched to arrive to US 
  • Received package April 16th
  • Total days that it took for my item to arrive - 18 days excluding Sundays - not bad of what they indicated above that it would arrive within 14 - 21 days.
If I were to order from next time, I would order more items instead of just one item, so this way I could get free shipping.  Anyway, have a wonderful weekend! 



  1. Stephanie I ordered the Shiseido White Lucent Moisturizer, in my prior post I mentioned I ordered this from


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