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I recently ordered something from, but the expected delivery is within 14 - 21 days. I'm a little bit disappointed of the slow delivery process.  I realized that my item is going to be shipped from Hong Kong and I haven't received my item yet.  I ordered a Shiseido White Lucent moisturizer for my dark spots that I mentioned in my prior post about my dark spot conditions. I had these discoloration dark spots near both sides of my cheek bone area, which makes me appear older than I am.

I decided to returned my Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage moisturizer, because I didn't like the fragrance of the smell.  The smell was over powering, after I applied the cream on my face. After applying the cream on my, my face felt dry and it was irritating my skin as well. I felt this burning sensation and immediately I have to wash my face.

I compared the moisturizer pricing at Sephora and at was selling it for it a bit cheaper than Sephora.  I wanted to save a few dollars, but unfortunately I should have waited and not gotten the moisturizer.  Instead I should have gotten this at Sephora - The Sheisdo Skincare 1 2 3 White Lucent Brightening KitI think the moisturizer is good enough to reduce some of my imperfect dark spots.  I actually went to Sephora and gotten a sample of the Shiseido White Lucent Moisturizer and within a week I saw some good results.  I see that my dark spot has diminished quite a bit and even out my skin tone.   

Anyway I will review the moisturizer once I receive it.  I really like the Shiseido line because the creams are lite weight and the fragrances isn't overpowering to begin with. 


  1. omg you got something from shiseido, me too!! i'll post my buy later on. ^^

  2. I hope you get your sasa order soon! It will get there, just takes time :)

  3. Lin Can't wait to read your post to see what you got.

    Stephanie Yeah it does take time, I should have took the advantage to order more stuff instead one item only.

  4. oh, it really works?! i'm usually quite skeptical about this kind of products that claim to lighten dark spots. very interesting.

    what browser did you use to order from

  5. coco I used Firefox to order my stuff from I got the e-mail confirmation that the item is dispatched and should receive my item with in 14-21 days.


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