The Great Transformations

The post title reminds me of Sailormoon theme when she transform herself from a regular school girl to Sailormoon. However, I'm not posting anything about Sailormoon obtaining or relating to Sailormoon but a great transformation make up show that I saw a show called - 鑽石夜總會 變臉美女 from youtube.  Recently I stumble into youtube and saw these Taiwanese girls in there late teens and early twenties how they transform themselves from being an ordinary girls to a beautiful swans.  I wish the show had English captions, so I can understand what they are exactly talking about. 

What is your great transformation when you do your make up?
My great transformation make up routine is basically boils down putting on foundation, eyeshadows, eyeliner, blush and lipstick.  Extra excessive things like false eyelashes or using contacts is not in my daily routine wear at all. As far as wearing false eyelashes; I only used it for special occasion like the time when I was a bridesmaid for my friend.

I notice a lot of young girls are using color contact lens as part of their make up routines to help them to enhance their eyes by making it bigger or matching with their make ups.

I'm not judging any of the girls and I'm just amazed by their ability how they use their make up.  With the tools that are provided they have a special ability that they can enhance their look from regular looking to super looking girls and I'm simply amazed.  I wish I had that ability to get dolled up like that one day.

But ideally is this a every day transformation that is suitable for every day wear?  You be the judge. 

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