Mother's Day

Nothing particularly about make-up but being a Mother is something that I'm proud of.  I'm proud that I have an opportunity being a mother.  Being a mother has it's own flaws, but those little flaws overcomes it when my daughter smiles, when she's kissing me and telling me how much she loves me.  She appreciates the things I can do for her whether it is a small or a big tasks.  She loves me and accepts me for who I am.  Sometimes being a mother can be overwhelming and that there are a lot of sacrifice at times but it's all worth it in the end.  Although, I wish she could stay little forever but it's rewarding to see her growing up, so that she can make her own decisions when she gets older.

Anyway, my daughter's school invited all the Mothers to celebrate at her school.  My daughter did a singing performance and I was just thrill to see her performing.  She also made me some gifts; a Mother's Day card, a star picture frame and a handmade flower.  I couldn't ask for anymore and this is one of a wonderful and a sweet Mother's Day for me.

I hope to all the Mothers out there have a wonderful Mother's Day!  

Was there any memorable make up advices that your Mother gave you? 
As for me I really don't have any makeup advice that my mother passed down to me.  I'm sure I will pass down many to my daughter, whether she loves it or hates it


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