New Mac Cosmetics line - September 2010

Here's a new glimpse of the new line that MAC Cosmetics is coming out in September 2010.  MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with Disney. They are launching some Disney characters but it isn't Minnie or Daisy nor any Princess characters, they are launching some naughty villain characters and this line, I present to you is called Venomous Villains.

I'm not so sure how marketable or popular this line will be, because I really never play any attention to the villains.   I'm more of a girly girl and it's more preferable that they should redesign and look into  recreating this line that has more variety to it which is more profitable and marketable.  I would certainly like to see that they pitch characters like, Alice in Wonderland, the Disney Princess and then also throw in a few bad villains in it as well. I would like to see some mixtures of good Disney Characters along with some bad Disney Characters. 

What's your thought on this?  Does this line seem to interest you?  Do you have any Disney Villain that you like?   

My favorite Disney Villain I could think of is Magnificent from Sleeping Beauty, I think she played the character well and very super evil and classy at the same time.

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