MAC Marine Life Highlight Powder

Recently I purchased the MAC Marine Life Highlight Powder. At first I was hesitant in purchasing this line, but I love the gold embossing seahorse motif on it. After reading all the reviews and that it is a limited condition; hard to find item then I dig in and purchased it.  Even the MAC online site sold out their Highlight Powder within 30 mins.  I not sure if I want to use this because once it is used the shimmering gold dust will disappear.

The good thing is that I purchased 2 from Nordstrom site when it first appeared online, so I grabbed every opportunity and purchased this online.  I was so happy that my order went through and it didn't get cancel.  At first I was planning to get it at the new MAC store that recently open where I live.   So I took my chances and heard a lot of people saying that the MAC Marine Life Highlight powder were all sold out in their area.  Surprisingly enough I decided to visit the MAC store one day and found out that they still have it in stock and purchased one at the store as well. 

I personally think this powder is more a blush instead of a highlight powder, because this powder is pigmented and it is vibrant pinkish when swatch.  Sorry no swatches yet because I'm afraid to ruin the gold pretty dust.  However Strawberry Mochi did an excellent review of her highlight powder and you can see an insight of this product after it is swatch.

Here is a description of the MAC Marine Life Highlight Powder from the MAC site:
The superfine, lightly pearlized shimmer of our To The Beach collection High-Light Powder flaunts a whimsical seahorse motif embossed into the powder. Stylishly presented in a marine-green compact with see-through window. Limited edition.
Enclosed is a picture of the Mac Marine Life Highlight Powder. Isn't it gorgeous? Hope you enjoy my mini review description about this powder.

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