It's Been Hot

I blame the hot weather for not letting me to do FOTD (Face Of The Day).  On Tuesday New York City was hit with 103 Degrees setting a heat record.  Luckily my husband told me and my daughter to stay home.  I can't bare the hot weather anymore and wish we could just settle into fall time.  Haven't been putting on a lot of make up, sometimes it's so hot I just skip make up.
On some occasion I just put on powder and that's pretty much it.  I actually need to get a new powder, the one that I have right now isn't matching with my skin tone.  It's very light and makes me look pale sick.  I was planning to get a CHANEL powder compact.  I think every girl should own at least one item from COCO CHANEL.  I had an opportunity to watch the CHANEL movie on an airplane going back to New York from my Barcelona trip.  The movie was truly inspiring movie to watch of how she rise to fame and how she is one of a kind.

Here's a quote from Winkipedia
"Coco had affairs with some of the most influential men of the time, but she never married. The reason may be found in her answer, when asked why she did not marry the Duke of Westminster: "There have been several Duchesses of Westminster. There is only one Chanel".
She's an amazing woman and hopefully I can collect some of her luxury items in the long run.  

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