MAC’s Rodarte Collection

I'm sure many of you heard that MAC is launching the Rodarte Collection in September.  And I'm sure you are aware of the huge debate that is going around in blogs and make-up forums of how distasteful they name their make-up line collections for this coming fall.  The collection product includes names such as “ghost town,” “factory” and “quincenera."  What kind of inhumane company would even think of these such kinds of names? 

I'm just completely disappointed of the new launch and personally I'm not a big fan of MAC.  I'm appalled that the sisters  duo designers didn't have any compassion or awareness how women in Juarez (a small town in Mexico)  are being tortured, raped and being murdered while they are risking their lives to put food on their tables by supporting their own family.

Even so MAC has submitted an open apology statement and agree to relaunch the collection names and they have decided to start a donation fund.  I still find it unacceptable because the company seems to care more of the launching products more over their ethics beliefs of how they disregard these young women in Juarez being treated firstly.  I also think they should have done some research about this small town before concluding their distasteful names before submitting it to the public.  Secondly I think that the sisters designer should also made a public apology appearance instead of a statement.  Statement doesn't mean anything, it doesn't seem sincere enough because anyone in the company Rodarte could have drafted the statement.

I thought at first that this collection would proceed as part of a charity donation towards to the women who works in Juarez and that the company should raise awareness of how women there are suffering until I did my research a bit deeper.   As for my personal thought, I would say nay to this collection and wouldn't bother to even look at this collection and start rethinking to invest my money somewhere else than MAC cosmetic now.  

Well said in to leave this MAC’s Rodarte Collection
We have to admit, we’re fans of most of MAC’s collection, but the brands collaboration with designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte misses a step. Inspired by a small town in Mexico called Juarez, frequently called the “murder capitol of the world,” the soon-to-be-launched collection includes products with names such as “ghost town,” “factory” and “quincenera.” And here’s where beauty meets bad taste: the town Juarez is known for the hundreds of young women who have been raped and murdered, many on their way to work at local factories. Perhaps all of this would make sense if MAC has set out to raise awareness and funds about the plight of these women, but it did not. And while the brand has issued an apology to those offended by the collection and may even be changing the names upon public pressure, it’s the principle, not the products, that land MAC.’s “Bordertown” shadow at the top of our leave it list.
What do you think of this collection and do you think the Sisters should make a public appearance to apologize so that it'll be more truthful and sincere?

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