Sunscreen Products Review

This year I've been more educated to protect myself and my daughter more by using sunscreen products before heading out.  At first I hate the greasy sunblock on my face.  I'm fine with putting sunblock on my arms and other parts of my body besides my face.  So recently, I did some random search to see what products of sunscreen that doesn't have a greasy feel to it on my face.  The only sunblock product that I like to use so far that doesn't feel greasy on my face is the Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 UntintedAt first I really didn't like the smell but after awhile I got used to it.  It's long lasting all day and the plus side is, that you can wear it over foundation on top as well.  I also indicated that wearing this sunscreen + my MAC foundation is a good combo.  For those who are like me who has dry skin it's a good combo to wear the sunscreen first and then apply the MAC foundation over it.  It helped me to hydrate my skin when the season is cold. 

Unfortunately, this is a hard to find item now.  Recently the company have upgraded their packaging to the Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 50 with PureScreen.  I recently brought this product and I'm not too keen on it because it feels greasy after applying it on my face.  I realized that when I'm buying these two similar brands I have to make sure it states untinted on the box.

Anyway what is your sunscreen regiment? 

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