Rainy Day

It was raining last week and so I decided to do some make up shopping.  I decided to purchase my all time scented perfume call Fresh in Sugar Lemon.  I was contemplating back and forth with Sugar Lemon or Sugar Lychee, but in the end Sugar Lemon won my heart.  I like the tangy and citrus smells that gives me a fresh morning wake.  Every morning before I leave the house I spurt a little of this perfume on my hair to give it a longer lasting than on back of my neck.

Which is your favorite scent or perfume at the moment?    

Another item that I got is NARS blush in Luster,  I kept having a hard time choosing some of these NARS blush.  NARS Luster is an apricot tone, which is pretty warm blush when it is apply, but I realized that it's more for those who are NC30 that works well for them.  I'm a NC20 and believe this blush is extremely too dark for me, so whenever I apply this on it gives me this bronzy glow.  I might have to return this and settle for a lighter color, since my skin is very light tone to begin with. I think I'll settle for orgasm and that probably will be my final decision.

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