Wedding Day Disaster

I wish I knew more about make-ups for my wedding day. If I had known more about make-up I wouldn't have those boo-boo and epic fail moments.  My wedding day make up was done by a make artist that was provided in those photography studios package that knew nothing about make ups.  Instead of making me pretty & natural looking, she made me look like a different person.  After I got my make-up done from my make-up artist, my cousin said to me that I looked horrible, so my cousin helped me to do my make-up and it turned horrific as well.  I was panicking and I was running out of time and had to delay my wedding for a bit.

The last moment saver was my aunt who brought in her make-up kit that had natural shades in it.  She helped me and saved my epic fail look into something natural and simplistic looking.  I don't exactly remember what I used for that day cause I was already worrying and panicking at the same time.   I should have hired a professional make-up artist or learn more about doing my own make up on my own.  I really regretted hiring some people that I don't know how much professional ability they have in the beginning.  I hate to look back some of my wedding photos and no one should ever be in the same situation as I am.  Here is a nice simple shot of me in my natural make up look that my aunt helped me with and I'm glad she's my lifesaver.

What was the most boo-boo or epic fail moments you have relating to make-ups? 

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