Sigmax Review Part II

I took the opportunity to wash these brushes and tested them out. I'm really impressed after my first washing the brushes still remains and there were no shedding at all during the washing process.

Sigma F82
Next day I used the Sigma F82 and used with my Dior Foundation with 2 pumps I got a good coverage on my face by using a circular motion on my face. I also continued using the same brush again for concealing my unwanted blemishes and dark circles.   I really enjoy using these brushes, they are simply very soft when it runs through my face without any irritation at all.  Also I like how these brushes can be multiple functions at the same time, instead of picking up individual brushes.  These brushes can be a time saver when you are rushing out of the house. 

Sigma F84
For the this brush, I'm pretty okay with it, but not 100% head over heels for it.  I used this brush for my blush but this could also act as a multi-brush.  You can use this brush as a highlighter or contouring your cheek bones with a bronzer.  I used this brush for my blush, but have to be extremely be careful when using this brush, because this brush can pick up excessive pigmentation onto the brush.

The only thing that I didn't like about these brushes is that it has this heavy glue smell when I first received.  The glue smell didn't bother me; however, after a good first good wash the smell will fade away.

Sorry I will post my last remaining brush that I didn't use yet which is the Sigma F80
Hope you like this mini review and will have more updates coming soon.

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