Clarisonic Plus

I know in the past,  I've been posting about how I'm been wanting the Clarisonic so badly and wished that I could get this someday.  So finally for Christmas I got the Clarisonic Plus from my husband.  I didn't expect that he would get this for me.  I read mixed reviews that it helped some people and some stated that it broke them out badly.  My main concern is not on my face, but on my upper arms and legs since I have Keratosis Pilaris also know as chicken bumps.  I had Keratosis Pilaris pretty much when I was a child and there is no 100% cure for this, but with the help of the Clarisonic Plus it can help me reduce some of the bumps.

During the winter time, I suffer more of it because my skin tends to get drier and the bumps can be more visible and harder.   My current regiment is Dr. Brandt Poreless effect lotion that I got awhile ago but gave up using because I wasn't be patience enough to see the results.  So with the Poreless effect lotion I'm going to use it again and hopefully I'll see good end results + using my Clarsonic Plus. Hopefully by this summer I can start wearing tank tops again and not feeling embarrass of my bumps.

Also this is great to wash off your make up without getting additional makeup remover.  The Clarisonic does the job and it instantly wash off a lot of excessive makeup with any cleanser.

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