Mini Haul Purchase

So I used my remaining Sephora credit to purchase some stuff.  I finally got my hands on Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black ink.  Every time I visit a particular Sephora store that has Bobbi Brown items, the Black Gel Eyeliner are always sold out.  I decided to purchase a gel eyeliner because I need an eyeliner that is long lasting and doesn't smudge.  On a typical days when I go out, I use a pencil eyeliner and realized it has been smudging on me, making me look like a Kung Fu Panda.  Also I realized that the pencil eyeliner doesn't give me a nice thin line rather a thicker one which I don't like.

While wondering around the Sephora shop I saw the Hello Kitty display items, and personally there's really nothing to hype over.  Although, the items are pretty and well packaged, but I don't think the makeup are worth it in my personal opinion.  Anyway I took a picture of the Hello Kitty display, but didn't get a chance to swatch some stuff.

Some other remaining items that I purchased are:
  • Nars Blush - Sex Appeal 
  • Bobbi Brown - Tinted Moisturizer  
  • Shiseido Tsubaki - Shining Shampoo with Tsubaki Oil EX
Also recently I purchased some false lashes in an Asian beauty store.  I got these Korean brand called Darkness and the lashes comes in two pair per a set.  I got a good deal on these falsies, and so I purchase 3 sets of 6 pairs of lashes for $10 dollars.  Otherwise one set for 2 pairs of lashes are originally for $5 dollars. I rarely use falsie but since they aren't expensive, I just want to play around and demonstrate at home.

Have a good weekend and will give you an in-depth review of each items that I purchase in another post.

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