Recently I decided to purchase some skin care items at  I realized that I've been really lazy on my skin care regiment,  additionally I have been breaking out badly.  I purchased this Taiwanese brand called Naruko after watching several youtube reviews from fuzkittie.  I heard this brand has been really popular in Taiwan.  I really like that these products are organic, natural and paraben free.  I've been trying to get more all natural and paraben free products now without having to spend  a lot.  Also their products are inexpensive, which I can get more skin care items to try out than just buying a name brand like Shiseido.  Typically just buying one Shiseido products alone can cost over $60 or more. I'm putting my Shiseido products on halt for the moment.

I got three items, which are two cleansers and one night gelly.  I'm not sure why they would call it gelly or maybe they misspelled, because in definition gelly means is a type of dynamite.  I guess it's a misconception of the way they phased it.  
The items that I got are: 
  • Naruko - Niauli & Tea Tree Clay Mask Cleanser - $18.99
  • Naruko - Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Peel Gel Cleanser - $18.99
  • Naruko - Marjoram and Lavender Classic Brightening Night Gelly - $22.99
As for the pricing it varies from where you purchase online.  The pricing that I included are based from website. So far I'm enjoy using these products, because the cleansers and the night gelly has restore my dry skin back.  My skin never feel so smooth and soft like this before.   I tried a lot of stuff but even Shiseido has not really worked well for me as much as this Naruko line.  I'm so tempted to getting more of this brand in the future.  I will post more review in details in my second post.

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