Basic Foundation 101

In this post I will personally give you some of my advice and tips when shopping for a good foundations.  There are many times that I have invested on wrong foundations and regretted of buying it because I didn't know what to look for.  I thought the thicker coverage it has the better coverage it gives me.  I then realized that the thicker foundation I put on my face makes me feel greasy and it can clogs my pores, which tends for me to break out even more. As time progress I have tried variety of foundations and I feel I have some knowledge and understanding what to look for now.  Personally I like to invest on a higher quality brand on foundations oppose to a drug store brands.   The reasons why I like higher brand foundations is because I get variety control when picking out a foundation that cater to my personal liking.

Looking for a right Foundation 101:
  • Testing out textures of the foundation to see if you like the coverage.  
  • Ask yourself is this too heavy or too light? 
  • Always find the suitable shade that matches to your skin tone.  
  • Make sure that it indicates if it's hydrating, oil free, normal or good for all skin types, which gives you an idea what skin type you have.  
  • Look at the foundation tones, do some swatches.  Check if there's any hints of orange, pink or neutral tones to this foundations and decide which one matches you the best.   
  • I personally like to buy pink or neutral tones foundation, because I'm a lighter shade or I'm a NC25 and I think orange or yellow hint foundation doesn't suit me too well.
  • Does the foundation break you out?  If so then I suggest that you'll return it and find something else that works with you. 
  • SPF or no SPF?  I think it's crucial to get one foundation that contain SPF, if you are mostly going to be outdoors to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.  
    I hope this conclude some of the tips I provided for you in finding a good foundation and good luck.  Have any good and better tips on searching for a good foundation, please comment below.

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