Beauty Blender Review

I purchased the Beauty Blender for awhile, but never got the chance to get around to it.  Today I finally decided to put this egg shape form to good use.  First thing I did was to wash the beautyblender with baby body wash and then squeeze out the excess water.  After soaking the beautyblender the little pink egg form shape expand double the original size.  I preferably like to apply my tint moisturizer to the beautyblender when it's a bit moist, so I can get a good and clean coverage.

I squeezed a pea size amount of tinted moisturizer on top of one of my hand and dabbed with a beautyblender and start covering part of my face.  I really like the coverage a lot, a little dab of my Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer helped cover some of the harder spots that I couldn't get to; like near side of my nose and under my dark circles.  I purchased this beautyblender at Duane Reade and they have up-scaled their stores that sells top beauty products like Becca Cosmetics and more.  This beautyblender retails for $19.99 at Duane Reade

  • Helps me start off with a clean and fresh natural look
  • Good coverage of the harder areas I couldn't get to, like side of my nose and under my dark circles.
  • Provide a natural finish and helped me reduce my red blemishes 
Here are some of before and after pics of me.  Please pardon my messy look cause I've been breaking out again.

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  1. Ooh nice to know that Duane read has it. I haven't tried the beauty blender but have tried the Sonia kusak version of it. I liked it but not over my sigma f80 for foundation. Maybe I'll try it with TM now that I've switched from foundation to TM for the summer. ;)


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