All about hair Part II

The last time I blogged about hair was a little over a year ago.  Now finally my hair has gotten so long I decided to finally decided to get it perm.  I want to go for change and I can't wait for that new change.  After my last makeup tutorial attempt post of curling my hair, I have gotten a lot of complements that I look nice in curls.  I decided on getting a Japanese perm because it helps me save that extra time of redoing my curls each morning.   I heard it's not require to put so much effort into styling your hair once it's perm, so I like to go for that route.  Less styling, less maintenance is the whole ideal thing I love the most without putting so much effort and looking good at the same time.  My current hair style is straight, long and dull without doing any pampering to my hair almost 6 months.  I can't wait to show you my after shot.  The only thing is the price wise is an ouch, but this is my first time doing this.  I can't wait for the outcome and hope it turns out well.  Will continue part III and will give you a thorough process of my new hair look.

Anyway here is my before look of my hair.  Like I said before it's straight, dull and long and in 6 months time frame I didn't do any pampering to my hair at all.   I look like a hot mess!

I posted two images of some of the outcomes that I would like my hair to be perm.

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