Why I like makeups?

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In this post I will explain why I like makeups so much.  After a few years of blogging about makeups, I realized that I'm not an addict as I thought I would be.  My makeup addictions has died down, but have self discovered why I still like makeups.  The reasons why I like makeups is because it's form of an art by adding colors on your canvas is it to your face.  I like to enhance my looks to make myself looking fresh each day. On my typical day I go for a fresh simple look and on special occasions, I want to transform myself into a swan.

There are many levels forms of makeup looks that I notice. Makeups looks are pretty much endless.  I realized that makeups can also enhance someone's self-confidence at work, people you meet and so forth.  Also as you age your skins looks duller, your pigmentations of your skin isn't there when you were a kid with nice pinkish cheeks.

I personally do not condone that a young girl soon start wearing makeups at a very young age.  I notice a lot of young girls starting to wear makeups in middle school and high school already on a daily basis.  Generally and personally I think it's okay for a teenager to wear makeups, but on special occasion for special events.  (makeups can be an endless debate, but this is my personal opinion)  I realized that makeups can send good messages to people and also send negative messages to people as well.  There's been many and countless articles about makeups transformation from positive to negative messages but generally I still like makeups in every kind form of ways.

What's your personal input on makeups?  

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