BB Cream Review Part III

This is my third part review on finding a good/perfect BB cream.  I recently got the Bobbi Brown BB cream in Medium shade.  In my previous experience I personally couldn't find the perfect BB cream that I could stick with.  I personally just think that the SKIN 79 BB cream felt heavy and also I didn't like the greyish tone.  I'm so excited in trying on Bobbi Brown BB cream, cause I know that her line and the texture of her makeups are pretty natural and feels lightweight.  I can't emphasize how much I like using the tinted moisturizer that I'm currently using.  The tinted moisturizer gives me a full coverage and I'm hoping that this BB cream will do exactly the same.  

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So I finally tried and test the BB cream.  I really like the coverage a lot, although I'm still debating if I should have gotten the fair shade instead of the medium shade.  I feel like the medium shade gives me a bit orange hint to my face but it's barely not noticeable cause it blends right in.

Pros to this BB cream 
  • I notice that there's no strong smell to this cream at all.  
  • The coverage to this bb cream is lightweight and gives me a very nice coverage to my face. 
  • This bb cream doesn't give you a sticky feeling at all.  

More reviews to come on this BB cream.  I will try to create a tutorial look using this BB cream.  Hope you all have a great thanksgiving holiday.  I can't believe how fast the holidays are coming so soon and so another year flew by.

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