My Second Attempt making Macarons

Since my first attempt making Macarons was an epic fail, I decided to remake it again.  I really want to learn and master making these adorable french cookies.  I now know why buying macarons are so expensive because these cookies takes a lot of time making it.  I decided to remake it by using the Italian Meringue way. From what I learned on some youtube videos and blogs, they stated that Italian meringue way is more easier and forgiving to make a perfect macarons which means your cookies won't break that easily when baking.

Here are some tips I could offer:
  • Know your oven really well
  • Invest in a baking mat
  • Be patience 
The patience comes in when you have to set your macarons at least 15 - 30 mins depending on the weather. I also learned that do not make macarons when it's raining cause it takes longer for the macaron to form that hard shell texture before putting it in the oven. Here are some pics that I remake my macarons. I decided to make Black Sasame Macarons with Honey Butter cream filling. I really enjoy eating this however it's pretty sweet, very crunchy on the outside and very moist and chewy in the inside. The most I can eat is just 2 cause of the sweetness and the black sesame combine really pops in my mouth when biting these little cookies. Also I want to indicate that this cookies takes a long time to make. I made 2 dozen cookies and I had only one pan on me so next time I will get two pans so this way it'll be faster if I remake this again.

Black Sesame Macarons
I'm giving you grams and cups conversion to make it easier for you all

Macaron Shells
  • 120 grams | ½ cup egg whites (room temperature)
  • 150 grams | 1 ¼ Ground Almond 
  • 150 grams | 1 ¼ icing sugar 
  • 2 tbsp. Black Sesame Powder 
  • 150 grams | ⅔ cup  sugar 
  • 50 grams  | 3 ½ tbsp of water 
  1. Set aside the egg whites in another bowl 
  2. Combine Ground Almond, icing sugar and black sesame powder together and run through a stiffer.   Stiff this very well and set that aside. 
  3. Use 60 grams |  ¼ of egg white and start using a mixing blender to form the egg white.
  4. Start making syrup, once the egg white is foaming incorporate the syrup, make sure that the syrup reach to a boiling stage mix the syrup into the meringue nice and slowly. 
  5. Keeping blending until you get a shiny and glossy meringue until the egg white isn't liquidity.  Tips:  try turning the bowl upside, if nothing is falling then the egg white are ready.  
  6. use the remaining egg whites to mixed the dry ingredients and use cut and fold method.  
  7. Then combine the egg white and the mixed dry ingredients together and mixes it well and keep folding about 50 strokes and you are ready to pipe it on the baking sheet.

    Honey Buttercream Filling - use can use any filling you like instead of this
    • 2 egg yolks 
    • ¼ cup granulated sugar 
    • 3 ½ tbsp milk 
    • 7 tbsp butter at room temperature 
    • 3 tbsp honey 
    Filling tutorial -
    Here's a good recipe that I followed -

    Good Luck in the kitchen!

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