Lash Perm

Without the lash perm, plus I have extremely short lashes
I recently got treated to a Lash perm by my friend as a early birthday gift.  To be honest I'm not a total beauty expert yet, but little minor detail of certain things make things appeals and looks better especially getting a lash perm.  As I gotten older I notice that my lashes droop downwards and it takes a while for me to curl my lashes and apply mascara.  I typically don't curl my lashes and apply mascara on a daily basis, because I just don't have that extra time each morning.  After having the lash perm, I can minimize the down time not having to curl my lashes and straightly apply on mascara.

Getting the lash perm wasn't so bad, in fact it was therapeutic and relaxing.  At first I youtubed some videos to see what this lash perm was all about and I was a bit concern and scared what they put on my eyes.  As I was lying there, the lady rubbed some ointment on my eyes, I realized the glue ointment was to seal my eye shut.  I kinda of got nervous and twitched my eyes a bit and told myself not to get nervous and clam myself down.  Later on she rubbed some more things and put a cold pack under my eye circles and this was the most relaxing part.  The estimated time was at least 45 minutes of getting both of my lashes done and I asked for a straight curl.  I'm glad I had an opportunity to try this out and certainly it does make some difference to your appearance.

Here's a pic of before and after result of getting my lashes perm: 

After result with the lash perm straight up perm

Have you tried lash perm yet?  What's your thought on this? 

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