My Race/Jogging Tips

Over the years I have initiated to living a healthier life style and also taking apart of doing running races helps me to stay in shape.  I have joined NYRR - New York Road Runner over few years by participating certain races that helps a cause.  My last race was NYRR God's Love We Deliver and if anyone wants to start jogging I would like to provide some tips for you before your race.  

Here are some tips:
  1. Dressing gear is essential part of the race and there are certain mishaves that I have over dressed certain time for the race causing me to delay with my race time.  Before the day of your race, check the weather forecast and decide what to wear.  After a mile or 2 you'll start getting hot, normally on a typical November fall weather I would wear a long sleeve over a t-shirt,  a vest and a tight pants.  I rarely would invest in brand name racing gears because the cost can add up.  Anything is comfortable is fine to run in.   
  2. Before the race start I advice that you should go to the bathroom before racing.  Going to bathroom midway of the race can delay your time.  I'm not critical on tracking my time, but if you decided to track your time then it's best to do your business beforehand  
  3. I normally bring Kleenex Tissue, because when the weather gets a little cold my nose will drip a bit. So having tissue comes in handy.   
  4. Please eat breakfast before hand, otherwise it'll be hard to run on an empty stomach.  I normally would have a bowl of cereal, but bananas is great before a race. 
  5. Do the best you can and try not to outrun yourself with others.  I see some people will try to outrun each other and injuring themselves, especially when you don't normally don't train.  Your health is more critical than the race time.
  6. Try to do some stretches before the race starts, there are times I have gotten cramps in my leg because I didn't stretch before the race starts.  
  7. Listening to music on your ipod or phone makes the race easier.  
  8. Tracking your race, I use MapMyRun app to give me an idea how fast I'm pacing.

Is there any other tips that you normally do before your race starts?  Please do share below on the comment section. 

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