Smorgasburg: Brooklyn

Hi,  I just want to inform you; my readers that I added a Food Review Label.  I want to expand more horizon than posting makeup reviews.  I want to share of my daily life expedition adventures.  I will be popping in to do more food reviews in New York City.  My husband and I are avid foodie and loves to explore different places to eat around New York City.  I will share a glimpse of review of certain things I order and review it here. 

Finally the outdoor Smorgasburg Brooklyn has opened, unfortunately the weather didn't helped at all while trying new vendors.  With much hypes and anticipation majority of the people flocked over the Raindrop Cake that looks like a dew drop.  It's actually a Japanese dessert that made from water and drizzle of brown sugar syrup and a dusting of kinako, or roasted soybean flour.  My first impression, I personally think it's tasteless and tasted like water.  I guess it's probably me that I can't enjoy the art of this dessert and for $8 bucks it's wasn't worth the hype.  At least I tried and it'll be my last time.

Wowfulls - Chocolate Egg Waffle with Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream with Banana Pocky

I can never say no to Wowfulls, this is my all time favorite vendor.  This vendor started out at industry city Smorgasburg and finally this is their first time outdoor appearance. I grew up eating Hong Kong egg waffles when I was a kid and topping it off with ice cream and pocky sticks certainly makes me feel like a kid again.  Below are some of other types of food I ordered and I highly recommend that you should check this place out.  It's a nice fun outdoor experience with family and friends.  I'm hoping the weather will get better eventually and it'll be a nice picnic outing.

Now Open Every Saturday • Saturday 11am-6pm • All Food • 100 Vendors 
East River State Park (90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St.)

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