Tips: On Losing Weight

It's uncanny looking at back some old photos, I never knew that I was overweight when I was in my late 20's.  I was always constantly in denial and always eating a huge portion when I could have substituted for smaller portions.  Also, I always had huge sweet cravings that made it even harder to lose the weight. My will power of dieting was extremely hard because of my busy schedule with work and going to school at the same time.  I never had the time to incorporate to join a gym and to exercise on a daily basis. I hope I can provide you some tips on how I lost my weight by cutting off some of the things that made me gain weight.
  • Soda - I used to love drinking Sodas; drinking sodas can really pack on the extra weight.  Instead of Sodas substitute with seltzer water, tea or water.    
  • Carbs - I tried to cut down on my carbs intake and substitute with vegetables.  I recently purchased a Paderno Spiralizer 4-Blade and used Zucchini as the pasta base instead. 
  • Exercising - I decided to join a gym and joined a couple of races.  That really helped me to lose the extra pounds.  
  • Moderation on food that you intake: I cut out a lot of sweets such as: cakes, cookies, pies etc - substitute with peanuts, walnuts, almond or pistachio for snacks.  If you still like sweets incorporate with fruits instead.  
  • Determination - Trust me it wasn't easy for me to lose weight as well, it took me a long time to really lose the weight that I am now.  I always made a new year resolution that I will lose weight but it wasn't helping even if I ate smaller portion or skipping meals. I didn't lose the weight up until I really started to exercise.  Exercising and watching what you eat is really important, but overall don't over work yourself.  Your health is really important and listen to your body, take it easy.  I did it by doing baby steps.  I wasn't aiming for faster result in losing weight, it's matter of time and patience.  
Also having a buddy system can make dieting or exercising fun.  I have a few friends who enjoy running, so I tagged a long whenever we are having a race.  I hope some of these tips helps motivate you in some ways and good luck on your dieting journey.

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