From Size 12 to Size 6

I started my diet journey around 2012 and there are times I do not really like to document my journey with image results.  I hate to take a whole image selfie of myself of how I look.  Looking back of some before and after pics recently was a drastic transformation.  From being a size 12 and 40D bra size majority of the time,  I became a size 6.  I changed because I want to live a healthier style, I want to be able to fit my clothes more comfortably.  After my weight loss journey, I still keep thinking I'm still an XL size and kept buying large sizes of clothes.  Psychologically my brain hasn't adapted that I lost the weight and still believed that I'm still big. I started my diet journey in my late 30s and wish I could have done it sooner.  The early 20s me made a lot of excuses even after giving birth to my first daughter.  I kept eating more and gaining more because I kept giving excuses to myself. I didn't have a positive and supportive feedback from friends.

Words of discouragement examples: 
  • One friend would say maybe if you get a breast reduction, it'll help me to look better.  
  • Another person would say you are so blessed with big breast
  • Another person would say to another friend can she even run with those big breasts. 
I felt so discouraged, but I didn't let those hurtful words stopped me.  I moved on with self-motivation, self-determination, set goals and diet organically with no diet plans or diet pills. The reason why I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle is because to beat the odds from having diabetes.  I didn't lose weight to prove to my friends to look better.  I did it for my health and diabetes runs in my family and I do not wish to be in that situation.  Having gestational diabetes twice was really difficult enough.  I had to keep monitoring myself by pricking my fingers and being on a strict diet was very hard to manage while I was pregnant.

Word of wisdom:  always believe in yourself and achieve what you want.  Don't let people stop you by saying negative words.  "Sticks and Stones may break our bones, but words will never break me."  - That was my goal motto and that should be yours too when people brings you down or discourages you from achieving what you want.

And good luck on your journey! 

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