My Brooklyn Half Marathon

One of my new year resolution was to do a half marathon one day and now it's checked off on my list.  I have accomplished and so proud in some ways that I have overcome doing a half marathon.  It wasn't easy it was a long struggle and a lot of determination of making my way to the finish line.  I felt I was not prepared for this race, because I didn't train hard enough. 

I felt uneasy during the week as the final days of the race was approaching.  I tried not to over think it and just have a great time and finishing the race was an accomplishment.  As a first timer I shouldn't be too worry of the time as long I crossed the finish line.  I was a bit disappointed with my time but I shouldn't be too hard on myself since this was my first half.  I finished my race total of 3 hours and 14 minutes and I should celebrate with a big feast.  Here's the time I was doing and I know I couldn't keep it at a 13:45 mile per pace but I did what I can. 
  • 5K | 3 miles - 40:00
  • 10K | 6 miles - 1:25:39 
  • 15K | 9 miles - 2:12:14 
  • 20K | 12 miles - 3:03:26 
  • 13 miles = 3:14:50
 I hope to do better if I tend to do a next half marathon...

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