Having a hard time accepting my Weight Issue...

I wished I could have documented my weight lost journey throughout the way. I wish I could had taken pictures of this journey, unfortunately I didn't. I felt ashamed of looking back at the old photos. There were many times that I wasn't in tiptop shape, I was embarrassed to take pictures with my family during special events. I'd rather be behind the lens and take pics of my daughter and my husband.  I was extremely self-conscious and was literally in tears when trying on new clothes that doesn't flatter me at all. 

Shopping for clothes was extremely hard with my height and having an apple shape body.  I really buried myself with food and allowed myself to let go, not realizing how much damage I was doing to my body.  Food was my only source of comfort that I can confide into by making my worries go away. I told myself to try to change by eating less and moving more, but nothing happens and I ended eating more. 

I was left hopeless and frustrated and there were times I got jealous of people who had the perfect body and looked good on anything they wore. But I realized it has nothing to do my weight, I could have embraced and be proud of it and invest more time of finding clothes that can flatter me.  My self- consciousness made me afraid of myself.  But after my lost weight journey, I learned a valuable lesson to embrace myself and love myself more even when I'm not in perfect shape.  

Embrace yourself for who you are.  Don't always feel pressure that you have to change to look good, change that you want to be healthy that's the most important factor.  Change when you are ready, there's no timeline that you have to change at a certain time. I changed to live healthier, I changed to set a good example for my family in eating healthier. 

Hope this helps you in some ways to give you the strength battling with weight issue...

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