This year I've been invited to two weddings and finding a dress is hard.  I searched high and low for the perfect dress.  The event will be held by the beach and the attire is that we can dress casual.  So I've been looking for something flowy and light to wear for the wedding day. There were some flowy chiffon maxi dresses that I was interested in trying at Macy's.  I tried them on and only realized it doesn't work for me because I'm too short and it was just overwhelming wearing it around at the event. So instead I looked around what I have at home that can work for me.  I have this short navy strap floral chiffon dress in my closet and tired on and only to realized that my bra strap was showing.   Only till I realized it's time to invest in some new bras.

Never had I been so excited to shop for bras. I always think it's torture for shopping for bras until I passed by this bra shop called LIVELY in Soho NYC.  Tried on a few bras of bras and was instantly satisfied with my purchase.  It was comfortable and the styles were pretty and practical.  It's always best to try on bras at the store, so you can get a general feel of the product.  I tried a few bras and some just didn't work for me and with a big bust I need full coverage.  The store has a deal if you buy 2 bras it will be $60 dollars and with 3 bras purchase, it will cost $80.  Here's a code that I would like to share $10 off on your first purchase:
or use this following code: AMB-eatwithcyn

Here are some tips on what not to wear or show on a wedding day:
  • Do not reveal your undergarment, invest in a nice strapless bra. If you are going to wear a strap spaghetti dress. 
  • Do not wear a white dress for the wedding day, it being disrespectful to the bride. Instead, you can wear white with floral prints. 
  • Do not outdress the bride, save it for another time. 
  • Lastly, do not wear your own wedding dress for the event.  I do not know who would do this but I'm sure there are people stupid enough to do that. 

  • 242 Lafayette Street, 
  • New York, NY, 10012
  • (646) 669-7600

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