Life under Quarantine

Currently with COVID- 19 in NYC right now, I had to stop working and simply stay home.  Sadly, I can't enjoy the warm weather and enjoying the beautiful flowers blossoming nearby my home. There are days I miss taking out my youngest one to the park. During the day I have to home school my 4 years at home and I have to say it's been pretty rough.  I have to keep my 4 years old occupied, which includes worksheets, drawing, reading to her and baking with her.  We made Brownies, the Brownies were delicious, we got the brownie mix box. I. let my 4 years old to do all the work.  A few days later we made Banana bread from scratch, it tasted really good.  Lastly, we made chocolate cookies from scratch as well and it was really soft and chewy.  

Luckily enough Animal Crossing New Horizon came to my rescue. This game has been keeping me occupied as well.  This confinement has been very hard remotely being stuck at home, but I'm lucky enough I have TV to watch and internet to surf.  Imagine what's it like during the earlier era? Like Spanish Flu that lasted for 2 years, during that time people had no source of entertainment like what we have today. I hope every one of you stays well and be safe and please do stay home. This shall pass and let's stay strong. Here's my daughter rainbow drawing with a Unicorn. I also want to thanks those who are in the front line and risking their lives to serve others.  

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